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In August our church started the “The Comparison Trap” series by Andy Stanley. I have been ruminating on pearls of wisdom for weeks.

Proverbs 14:30
…envy rots the bones.”

Where do I look to feel okay? Who or what is my mirror?

As we are working through parenting and family issues, I have to continue to remind myself, that my parenting skills and/or lack thereof do not define me. This is a process. I am learning, she is learning. We are going to make mistakes.

Am I allowing what others have to keep me from enjoying what I have?

Am I allowing what I don’t have to keep me from enjoying what I do have?

For me, why am I allowing my feelings or insecurities keep me from enjoying all that God has blessed me with? Often times, for me, the answer is yes.

We are all using someone or something as a reference point; who or what am I going to use to tell me I am okay?

We all have a wonder, a whisper in our minds that say “am I okay?”

The “ought” and the “ought not” is the law of God written on our hearts. Even if I had ______ (any number of things that I have my heart set on), I would still wonder.

This I know to be true. There have been times in my life when my insecurities have been at bay, yet, I always wonder.

Because of the break between the Creator and creation, there is an insecurity deep within out soul. Nothing and no one can ever fully restore this break. What God did when He sent Jesus to the world, was to make us “Sons of God”, we were adopted.

God, who knows everything about you, about me, sent His Son to make it possible for me to be adopted by God. I am His child. Because I am His child, He sent His Spirit into me in order that I can call Him “Daddy”.


He made me for something particular. It is something for me, that He wants me to do. Since no one else is made for this same thing; God doesn’t compare me to anyone else.

As long as I look to my left and right, there will be no peace.

Heavenly Father, I want to see me the way you see me.

God tells me, He tells you, you are fine, because you are Mine.

My greatest potential is found in the will of God.

Andy Stanley closed with something that I try to tell myself, “Take your cue about you from the One who made you, who loves you and who redeemed you.”

About Teresa Neal

I am a Jesus girl. I have been redeemed by his blood and his love. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, employee, friend, searcher, grace receiver, mercy needer and stumbler. I am fully in love with our God. I cannot do anything without him, although I try all too often. I write about the things Jesus is doing in my life, about what the Holy Spirit whispers to my soul, my struggles with depression, anxiety and OCD, and sometimes my family.
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