I want you to love Me, Listen to My Voice, and hold fast to Me – for I am your life

I want you to love Me, Listen to My Voice, and hold fast to Me – for I am your life.
This is the way of wisdom. I am training you to stay close to Me as you walk along perilous paths. In any close relationship, listening and loving are vitally important-and they are interconnected. Listen to Me as I rejoice over you with gladness and quiet you with My Love. As the Holy Spirit to help you receive My glorious Love in full measure. This will dramatically increase your love for Me.

The world is full of dangers, so it is wise to hold tightly to My hand. Listen-through My Spirit and My Word-while I talk you through tough times. Pour out your heart to Me, remembering that I am your Refuge. As you stay in dialogue with Me, I help you handle whatever is before you. Hold fast to Me, beloved, for I am your Life.

Jesus Today by Sarah Young

Yesterday while I was drowning in fear and worry, everything I read said, “Do not Worry.”

Because He is such a loving and gracious God. Always right beside me. Waiting for me to reach out to Him. He met me where I was. He is ALWAYS here. So hard for me to grasp. But I know it is true.

This morning, Zephaniah 3:17 was in everything I read.

The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

What a beautiful promise.

Yesterday, I asked how do I get His promises ‘in’ me. Today, I know. Stay connected. He isn’t with me and then not. He is always there. It is me that connects and disconnects. It is me that lets all that is around me steal my focus. We have such a loving God. He doesn’t get disgusted with this behavior and walk away. Let me tell you, that is what I would do after the millions of times I have had to relearn something He has so patiently taught me. No, His love is something I cannot understand. I have to trust it is there. When I reach for His hand, it is always there.

Thank you Jesus.

About Teresa Neal

I am a Jesus girl. I have been redeemed by his blood and his love. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, employee, friend, searcher, grace receiver, mercy needer and stumbler. I am fully in love with our God. I cannot do anything without him, although I try all too often. I write about the things Jesus is doing in my life, about what the Holy Spirit whispers to my soul, my struggles with depression, anxiety and OCD, and sometimes my family.
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